-A recent photo (selfie/phone photo is fine)
-Stats (Age/Weight/Height)
We will contact those we are intrested in. Thank you
Submit by emailing


Boss Background pays our performers via Direct Deposit!
Gone are the days waiting for checks or having to pick up checks!


Services the Lower Mainland, Okanagan and Vancouver Island.


-Do you need some extra cash or a part time job?
-Are you a senior who is bored or lonely and would like some extra cash?
-Are you willing to be on set early in the morning if needed?
-Are you able to travel to locations easily via transit or your own car?
-Do you have regular internet access, an email you check regularly and a reliable phone?
-Do you follow through on commitments once made?
-Can you work a 12 hour day if age 17 or older? (some days can be longer than others!)
-For children/teens or babies under the age of 17, do you have a chaperone or parent that supervise all day? -Can you be patient and quiet when needed?
​-Can you legally work in BC?
-Can you work around famous people without turning into a ‘fangirl’?
-Do you keep a ‘standard’ hair color (ie: brown/blonde/black/grey,etc..). Unfortunately as fun as lime green or purple hair can be, it does not blend well into the background of a movie!
-You are a punctual and reliable person
-Non-Union Background performers make min wage for most shows booked. Sometimes rates may be higher depending on needing you for a special skill (ie: playing hockey in a scene).
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